Welcome to The Gamers Guild

A Monthly Board Game Membership Service From Well Played Board Game Café

Are you tired of breaking the bank just to play your favorite board games?

Well Played Board Game Cafe’s new Gamers Guild program is made for you! As a Guild Member, you’ll have access to all kinds of fantastic perks exclusive to only our esteemed community of hardcore gamers.

Gain Access To Several Benefits Including:

 Join the Gamers Guild and Level Up Your Gaming Experience Today!


Recurs Every Month
$ 30 Per Month (tax included)


Recurs Every 3 Months
$ 84 Per Quarter (tax included)


Recurs Every 12 Months
$ 300 Per Year (tax included)

The Gamers Guild

The Fine Print

Customers who want to join the Gamers Guilde must subscribe through the Square Portal provided by Well Played Board Game Cafe or by visiting the store. Gamers Guild Memberships are active upon registration and members are immediately entitled to accessing the program benefits. Subscriptions will automatically renew and charged via Square at the recurring billing frequency selected by the customers, unless cancelled by the customer as outlined in the cancellation policy. 

For those guests who have an existing valid Game Pass (not a Gamers Guild subscription), you receive a free upgrade to a Guild Member for as long as your Game Pass is valid. Please bring your Game Pass into the cafe so we can add you to our system as Guild Members. You will start receiving your Guild Member benefits right away. Once your Game Pass expires, you are welcome to sign up through our subscription model as Well Played Gamers Guild Members to continue receiving those benefits.

When you sign up you will receive an email receipt confirming your subscription. To manage your subscription online, click the Manage button at the bottom of your subscription receipt email. Alternatively, you can contact the store at 828-412-5788 to request an update to your subscription.

By subscribing, you agree your contact information will be used to send important updates, notifications, and exclusive messages related to your current and future subscription to the Gamers Guild, along with additional marketing communications from Well Played Board Game Cafe. You can always unsubscribe to marketing emails by following the unsubscribe links within each email.