Game Over.

Four years ago we moved into our café on Wall Street. We painted murals, built a bar, ordered a bunch of equipment, and most importantly assembled the largest collection of board games the state of North Carolina had ever seen. Last weekend we moved out. While we’re hopeful for what the future may hold, we know our turn on Wall Street is over.


Like most small businesses, it’s been an incredibly challenging year for us. We navigated the early days of mandated closure and quarantine, countless rounds with the SBA, PPP, and EIDL, and a complete business pivot to add board game rentals – all while trying to keep our staff employed, our customers entertained, and our community safe. Through it all we’ve had amazing support from people and organizations throughout Asheville. From community partners like the Asheville Independent Restaurant association, to local entrepreneurs and small businesses owners, to our landlord who listened and worked with us, and most importantly to all of you who supported us at every step along the way.


We hope to find a way to bring Well Played to life again, but until then we’re focusing on what made this all worth it in the first place – the laughter, the joy, the thrill of playful competition. Well Played has been a special place to so many people over the years – we’ve had first dates, happy hours, family reunions, even a Well Played wedding. Through it all, we’ve seen the enduring power of how board games can build relationships, foster connection, and create community.


For everyone who has been part of the Well Played community, thank you.

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